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In Cold Waters with PdotO

  Jointz   2019/05/31


In recent years, PdotO has made a good name for himself in the South African Hip Hop space. It’s easy to spot his brand of rap a few minutes within hearing it on a joint. His content and style of writing has given him a special bond with those that connect with his music. Jointz Lyrics had a chat with the poetic maestro to find out more about his train of thought.

Jointz Lyrics: PdotO!! The God-blessed. Thanks for making time to speak to the
Jointz Lyrics audience.

Jointz: Alright, we’re almost at the one year mark since Under The Sun dropped. How was the project received?

PdotO: Under The Sun was an amazing project for me.  Opened so many doors for me and the feedback has put me top tier and that’s a blessing from God.

Jointz: Which tracks are your personal favourites on the project?

PdotO: Definitely
Darkness. I reflected back to that hole I’ve been trying to fill, most of the album is surrounded by Hope and moving forward but Darkness I reflected back to that frustrated PdotO, that Soaked in Bleach PdotO that had a lot on his chest and that honesty resonated with many people

Jointz: Your music is quite emotionally charged. Please take us through your creative process

PdotO: I let God go. I hardly write music thinking too much its mostly influenced by a spirit, emotion or situation.  That’s when its pure and real. Only time I let my mind do the work is technical songs like Memories where I'm flexing and showing my abilities as an emcee.

Jointz: Awesome!!

Jointz: Lately you’re getting a lot more recognition than ever. Do you feel you are getting your roses while you can smell them?

PdotO: God is working. I’m grateful and I’m blessed that’s all I can say.

Jointz: Beyond being an outlet, does your music provide healing for you?

PdotO: Most definitely.  Most people think I intentionally write for them. But most of my music is my own personal venting tool. I’m just blessed that I find out more people go through the same things as me, so it resonates with them and they move with me. So yes, it’s definitely my own therapy.

Jointz: One thing that many discovered about you only recently is that you dabble in theatre as well. How did that come about?

PdotO: I’ve always been an actor. Studied drama at TUT my college years. I’m a professional but I guess people didn’t know because I’ve been more in tune with the music so that got more push from me. But now I’m really going out and pushing the acting side too.

Jointz: Please paint a full picture of PdotO, the all-round artist.

PdotO: You used the word Artist and that makes me smile. I’m more than just a rapper, poet, actor, writer.  I prefer artist because it encompasses everything I am. All depends on what tool I choose to use to express that art at the time.

Jointz: Thank you for that.

What’s your take on where SA Hip Hop is at this point?

PdotO:  At this point. It’s at a good place. But most consumers are influenced by Media and forget there’s so many artists out there media doesn’t shine the light on. Be individual.  Research. Study and discover more artists. There's something for everyone.  Just look...and don’t just follow cause u told to.

Jointz: Who should we be listening to that we probably aren’t listening to right now?

PdotO:  So many artist man, Shabzi, Jimmywiz, Touchline, HMZ , M2kane to name a few. New breed of young spitters.

Jointz: The game is on life support, who are you sending in to save it?

PdotO: Lol refer to my previous answer.

Jointz Haha! Fair.

You have hinted that you are working on a new album.  You have just dropped Kingdom Come. Is it a single from the upcoming album?

PdotO: Yes first song I drop from The Cold Waters Album, due VERY soon

Jointz: Dope. When can we expect the release?

PdotO: VEEEEEERRRRY SOON coz it done. Complete

Jointz: Thank you once again for your time. What parting message do you have for your fans?

PdotO: I love yal eternally.  God bless the God blessed

The Cold Waters album will be PdotO’s third studio album, following Under the Sun[2018] and Devil’z Playground[2016]. In the lead up to the release, he has dropped his pick as the first single – Kingdom Come (see lyrics here)