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Dreamteam - Money Back Lyrics

verse 1
Y'all don't stand no fucking chance, I'm the man
?'s got the hand, understand
I be getting money fast with the gang
And you know we're kicking ass, I be Jackie Chan
Y'all be balling on a budget, I be filling baskets
Riding on my own wave, surfing on your casket
East coast, you can see the fashion
I be on my beast mode, you can feel the passion
I can make this hot, I'm everlasting
You know when they'll suck on the random
Saucing in your city
Keep it jiggy, I'll be smashing
Swerving, never crashing, call me Luis Hamilton
Never going back to say the least
Addicted to the cheddar, sidl' ucheese
You know your boy a savage, I'm a beast
You know your boy a savage, you deceased

Runner zami making money fast
All my bitches make that money fast
Took her to the top, it never last
Spend it on some shit and go make that money back
Making money back
Making money back
Making money back
Spend it on some shit and go make that money back

verse 2
Iintwana barking like they're dogs but I got a bitch
I don't give a fuck, Jay Z to the politics
Getting rich, ? put some gold on the bottom six
Flip the smile like I bought a brick
Wack boys telling stories 'bout the man
Spring Break, peep the numbers
Made them renovate the ranch
Bought my girl some shit she never had
'Cause I probably did some shit to make her mad
House with a pool, with a spa 'cause it's paid up
Hit the club, dropping bread like a pay cut
Feelings all up in your chest like an A-cup
Got you trolling on them socials with them lame stunts nigga
Tell me why you doin' that
Got the bag, I can go and do the math
If I spent it, then you know I got it back
Yeah you know I got it back, bitch