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Emtee - Bring It Back Lyrics

I tell he DJ bring y shit back
I remember when they used to say my shit wack
Now I pull up on 'em with a big stack
I never boast, do the most
That's a big fact
Dustin in a zig zag
808s the hood, yeah I did that
Never took a break like a Kit Kat
They still talking shit, give them a TicTac
Tell the DJ bring that shit back

verse 1
Ekasi ng'leth itrap, yeah that's me
Benbengayicavi ne dab 'til kufik' uEmtee
Now all they do is cap when they talk about me
I live in the burbs, ngiyatholakala ekasi
Fuck what you heard, esami leskhathi
I be with the posse, awublomi masingakwazi
Or uzofinya igazi, bese sihleka phansi kwe jasi
Hell nah, don't do it
I see many many men go through it
I told 'em I'mma make it
They all knew it
I told the DJ bring it back
Watch the crowd go stupid


verse 2
Man I had to grow up
Ever since the blow up
I done got my dough up
Let me switch my flow up
I'm in it to win it, no limit, flex
I'm living, it's giving
We splitting the cheques
I'mma do it bigger than I did it before
I don't do this for a hoe
I'm doing this for the dough
I'm tryna kill every show
I'll always kill every show
Living life to the fullest
I'm not takin' it slow
I gotta get the bag, straight cash
Hit the gas, where it's at
I was broker way back
This here is payback
Nobody was doing shit 'til we came in
Now these rappers bribing DJs to play them