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Emtee - Fall Off ft Saudi Lyrics

I'm not gonna lie
I'm hella patient with these hits
ATM the squad, senza amasimba chips
I will never fail
I got my brothers looking rich
Yes I might fuck with her but
It's not a whip
I ain't gonna fall off
I'll never fall off
I ain't gonna fall off
I ain't tryna, I ain't gonna
I'll never, I'll never
I'll never fall off
I'll never fall off
I ain't gonna fall off
I'll never, I'll never , not

verse 1
I'll never fall off
Still ball tomorrow
You know the swag is combo
Wena fas iphondo, before kubarongo
Ngob' uzobang' isono
I am the boss like Jomo
Diamonds white like OMO
Man they wish death pon me
Too late ngise stylini
No trust, so less smiling
Sip lean yeah that's my thing
They know I hustle in the J
And hustle in the game
See the jungle ain't for play
It's murder everyday
No one knows the case
But I'm in this music thing for a long time
If you're still booing me
This' the wrong time
All of my ATM boys gon shine
My girl is an angel yeah and she so fine
Got her in Versace but I came from the kasi
These niggas turning their ? to ?
Uyathakatha maungaba asik-tlatsi
I been saying for a minute
I been ready to get it
Your doctor tells you you're healthy
But didn't tell you I'm the illest


verse 2
I'm getting until the wheels fall off
I'm dabbing, yeah I'm such a show off
If she my bitch, she gon fuck allof
My niggas mangafuni fokof
Ain't noting like that feeling when you know
There's no other place you'd rather be in this world
Lord I'm thankful you gave me something in this world
Bebesfundis' ukuthi thina asideserve-i
Ngibonga all of this you gave me
A purpose away from iprosperity
For all of my bros, I'm gifted on purpose
The land I'm from cursed
I'm supposed to never ever work
How do they feel, I'm approaching the wealth
I got weapons that's good for my health
All this medicine just for myself
And them boys with the ATM test
I keep most of my cash out the bank
'Cause most of ? yamagrootman akithi
They ain't never teach me about how to pay tax
? racks inhlakanipho yami ne trap
I can never look back, no regrets
Move to the hills, had to adapt
Sdwadle from across the mountain
My shoes like the girl on my left
Bonke baphuma phesheya
Somking gas, fuck a banky
Might as well sotheng' iShell
ATM acrtel at the bank