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Emtee - Fugeyzi Lyrics

I'm showing up if gon pay me
Uhlal' ukhala njalo because you're lazu
Ubenzela yonk into abocheri
Ayisa spani incondo ngath bak'dlis ikhemi
Spending money on them hoes yeah
One second, what are those now
You keep biting on my flows now
All that shot you do is so foul

You fugeyzi, on some fake shit
You fugeyzi, on some fake shit
You fugeyzi, on some fake shit
You fugeyzi, on some fake shit

verse 1
Louis, Gucci, Versace, no fugeyzi
I know why you hate, bitch you lazy
Everything is good, we ?
At the top is where I'm stationed
I know what it is, you just lazy
Where my money, come and pay me
Put the work and get the paper
And the skreets gon elevate ya
Ain't no time for no hater
The money calling, see yo later
I was good now I'm greater
Lord is my saviour


verse 2
This bitch think I'mma chase him
It ain't a thing 'til you raise up
Yithi pe and I'll replace ya
Moving like a boss, I'm going major
Whatchu sippin', that's fugeyzi
Oh you trippin', that's fugeyzi
Say you different, not fugeyzi
Life you living is fugeyzi
Fuck you, pay me, nah, don't play me
And these pussy ass niggas
Tend to disrespect me lately
It's kak maar it's alright
Put in the work like all night
Say you balling, that's all lies
'Til I pull up in that 4-5
I've been struggling all my life
Until I got a ? reader
Roof gone, jewel glow
I know they can see us