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Emtee - Gone Lyrics

Phum' ekasi
Yeah kurough where I'm from
If they pull up on you
Better give them what they want
Quick two finger
For your niggas getting drunk
I see you flexing
Boy be careful with them stunts
Next thing you know
Your bitch, gone
Your wrist, gone
Your whip, gone
Everything just gone
Your wrist, gone
Your bitch, gone
Your whip, gone
Everything just gone

verse 1
They said I'm buying awards
Fuck them I pray to the lord
I ain't riding in a Ford
Hell nah I'm not bored
ATM is my Forbes
I'm movin' up of cause
Shell tone, no Air Force
Scoop me at the airport
Emtee the histla ukhuphi nah
Einklik zishap mase uthule kangaka
Mele ukhipe something kulenyaka
Lezi ziyadlala, ezinye ziyadantsa
See, I'm from a dangerous place
You snitch and they go win the case
Stop rapping 'bout me pussy nigga
Come say it to my face
Manando would do yo for me
Yeah, niggas know I run the streets
You heard me killing these beats
I'm in the stu for weeks
I know some killers, I know some villains
I know the priest at the church
If uyayidinga, I know some dealers
Them niggas putting in work
Walala wasala, nix for mahala
I came from the gutter
When they talk, I never stutter


verse 2
They show me love in your city
Ngapha they robbing you
You busy claiming that gangsta
My nigga we mobbing too
And I'm a ghetto hero
I'm talking Robin Hood
I'm with some good fellas
So ungasabi boo
Usafe la, we celebrate la
We getting paper
Come hang with the gang
Tell your boyfriend that you'll see him later
011, north side we reside
I be stunting on life
Plus some goons on my side, I don't hide
I'm so Jozi, I just ride around the city
Kulel' uthixo 'cause now I'm living iffy
Me and my soldiers we been always on a mission
Was really hungry but now I got a fancy kitchen
This my life novel, how we started back in Yeoville
I know playing my songs is soulful
Man I had no place to go to
EzaseJozi ziyasebenza, man I remember
Man I rolled my first joint daar e?