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Emtee - My Enemies Lyrics

Oh Lord I pray for all my enemies
My enemies, my enemies
They know I'm something that they'll never be
They'll never be, they'll never be
Where were you in the city we was busy grinding
You change the channel when you see me doing my thing
I know, I know
I know you hate to see me shining
I know, I know
I know you hate to see me smiling

verse 1
You was cool when I was broke
I'm not saying that I'm rich
We was homies yeah before
But you turned into a snitch
I be out there on the road
Make a stop and buy some kicks
You be out there on your phone
Posting all some kinda shit
Niggas is out there just talking and yapping
They hating on us coz we do things, yeah
I don't have time to debate
'Cause my kick game on Liu Kang yeah
Ngeke nilunge bafana bam
Nisazo gcwala ngam
Tshela mina uth ukhala ngan
Ungbonise impilo uMdali wam
Kanti leskhathi esaka ban
Lezi zinja zing zondel' imali yam
Abanye batshontsha ne Style Sam
Phamb' kwam'


verse 2
You was cool when I was ashy now I'm clean
It's an issue, you just mad
'Cause I'm not traina pop bands with you
Not traina trap with you
Not traina laugh with you
Hella ice on my neck like I live in a dam igloo
Did this my way
Now go and hit the high way
Mina ngiyi qhawe and angna ndaba nawe
Kdala befun ukungcisha
Ayike bafana niya wish-a
Emtee lam' lisa
Nani niya bon' uyashisa
Ng'vuk eksen and I thank God for the day
Used to walk the city, always knew I'd run the day
Lord please get these demons out the way
Get this money yeah yeah
Trap yeah yeah


Aaah ah aaaah ah
I wanna flex on you
Ah aah
Aaah ah aaaah ah
I wanna flex on you
Yeah, yeah