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J-Smash - Hold On Me Kly x Jay Claude x Ka$hCpt Lyrics

Girl I've been thinking 'bout you constantly
I be dreaming but I can't go to sleep
I've be up and out of bed for a week
I'm just wanting you right here close to me
I've growing girl but I still need help
I've been chasing what's in my inner self
Girl you give me love I can't live without
Through the most you made me rewrite it I
Hold on me, hold on
Oh girl, would you feel my love
Oh my baby I need you to myself
I ain't thinking 'bout nobody else

verse 1
Riding through the waves
I can't take your shit no more
Got so much to say
Baby I can't feel no more
There's way too many vibes
Baby I can't let you go
Swear to God I tried, girl I tried
So many faces
I can see you living girl
And I can't take it
Body after body but it's not the same shit
Girl the type of love you gave is no'n to play with
Girl I need your love here by my side
I think about you every single time
I need your lovin', I need your love


verse 2
Pull up on you, I be on you
What you gon do if I go missing on you baby
Pull up on you, put my legs up on you
What you gon do, gon do if I put it on you baby
Bad bad with an OG
That's that baby, you my homey
Only lean on you, my codeine
This you and me gon get lonely
We should not get no sleep
Baby girl I'mma beat it like the police
Hit it like wow wow wow wow
And I beat it like bow bow bow bow
Easy breezy, tease me, please me
Believe me, I'm on it baby
This ecstasy is natural and it's ?
I pull up on you drippin' tippin'
Saucin', rollin', foldin'
ALl these roadies hold me back
Didn't know I cold do that
Take your mami then I dab
Hit it once and call a cab
Only problems that I had
Lean, Molly, Percoset, Sprite
All I need to forget you tonight