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Kid Tini - Buss A Move Lyrics

It's only one of me
Only one of you
Nobody gon see what we get up to
Show me what it is, show me what it do
All I wanna do is see lil shorty buss a move
Buss a move, buss a move
Buss a move, buss a move
Yeah yeah
Buss a move, buss a move
Buss a move, buss a move
Yeah yeah

verse 1
Listen, shorty can you get here
I ain't really 'bout the trippin'
I just wanna get it
Shorty know just what I'm drinking
She know how to mix it
I ain't gotta spend a dime
I only pay a visit
I don't like to talk and time is ticking
Girls you know just how I like it when you lick it, lick it
So let's get it if you widdit, Am to the PM
Shorty drive me crazy
'Til I parked up in her DMs
All them boys you curvin'
I don't ever wanna be 'em
And your ex is nothing
You don't ever wanna see him
Okay giddy up, nah don't be too loud
Turn the music up, turn the bullshit down


verse 2
Shorty when we're done we could dip on 'em
Let me grab the keys
We could hit the streets on 'em
Pull up with a fleet, make 'em weep on you
They don't make you weak in the knees, oh yeah
'Cause I been on her
Take a picture, show your best side
It's not for the gang, you know sad life
I just wanna see you moving left, right
Shorty hit that sticky just to get right
And she dead right
Now go show me what it is shorty
Show me what you got
We could get back in the whip
We could do it in the lot
We could go back to your crib
We could pull up to the spot
If we make it to the bed
Shorty we gon make it right, yeah