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Kwesta - I came I Saw ft Rick Ross Lyrics

I came, I saw, I conquered all
Khule ka Gogo, iTV e next door
S'ngena fokol, manje singcono
Ma u sdlel'u mona
Zo shiba ngo mkghono
Ngithi nawe uya bona
Ngithi nawe uya bona

verse 1 [Kwesta]
So fika daar in a red Gush'
And to my left u'Pearl Thusi
And mina naye besthe ukun'yeka
Mane ringa se foot
I origami that paper
Sendel' umkami via pay pal
Ya, Mak'ne bari eney' thembayo
Ai itheng'sani, siy'bhemaphi
Green shandis that's Kwesta
Last album sounded like the best off
The best off, the best off, the best off
Okay the best fuck
Oh wait, what these cheers
Gotta face what we fear
With no pain, yeah these tears
And no change just thee beers


verse 2 [Rick Ross]
Pulling up in that black Porsche
Stepping out on Airforce
Just made her ass moist
Dope boy straight crash course
Rolex and passport
3 pointers, I'm nice with it
Fast break all backboard
First pick, Myles Garrett boy
Black bottle that's Rozay
Belaire I bought a whole case
Condo on the 100th floor
Keep your mouth closed, how success taste
Blow me a kiss
I said blow me a kiss
Now make that ass shake
For this double M clique, boss