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PdotO - Forgive Em Freestyle Lyrics

How can I explain the magnitude of the support I get
True story, I'm a force I guess
I carry struggle on my shoulders after so many years
Using trouble if you doubted me, the vision is clear
God damn it's been a long run, it's been a long run
The storm comes, we stand, limp walking in the forefront
I'm a different breed with a different need
Passion over everything, this music over money greed
(Yes)Same difference, please, I gotta eat though
For a split second, grieve over the beat more
Lord forgive 'em, they nervous but they lose their grip
Loosen their hands let the truth approve how to do this shit
It's ludacris, rap becoming a commodity
Nobody rapping from the heart, this shit become a mockery
My tears turn blood, my blood turn into alcohol
Heavy in the drinking, I'm slipping
Shit, I'm about to fall
Fall hard, air drop on you b**** niggas
Pause, I'm too advanced for you b**** niggas
Used to be piss poor, pissed to grab a pistol
Blow my brains out, meet the devil with a pitch fork
Nah, God is beautiful indeed
I feel left out, the nigga in the crew without a seed
Still dream of a better life, dreams of a better night
Wish my poppa had the strength to fight for a better die
I mean a better death
Connect with the words I speak
Whether I say I'm just best yet to touch my peak
I'm Cobain, f*** it I'm cold Bane, I'm a nuisance
I've proved since day one, my move's been a jewel since
Purposely paint the perfect picture for you to scrutinise
Proper written pages of pain produced before my eyes
To my fans, I hope our chemistry wins
The game buying shit from clowns who don't sell them a thing
But they sleep on those who can and present them a dream
Give it time my good folk, watch the pendulum swing
I'm just a writer, I don't judge or misquote
F*** a b**** niggas who's got a grudge on these notes
Ouch nobidy pens like me
Nobody thinks this deep
I'm mean I relly switch to free on my sick shit
Quotable maverick hoes gobble my young kids
Let it simmer down, hold it for randsom (Ouch)
On the real, I'm a man with a troubled heart
My boy lost his pops too ini a couple motnhs after me
There will be none after
We stay sucker free as we approach the last chapter
Don't tell me I'm the best for real
'Cause I don't give a shit
I'm here to touch hearts, my spirit gives you the manuscript
Of living life like a soldier, don't let 'em own ya
F*** who grow to be a legend, motherf***er I was born one
I'm getting stronger, I pen down classics
Out here still dreming of a pimped out Aston
I'm a pimp by magic, you a pimp out(outta) fashion
Never fade away, black, I got a trick out my sleeve
It's only music, therapeutic
We fuse it with hallucenogens
Truth is, I'm twisted on this good shit
I'm gone, Hennessy got the best of me
I'm no Tu Pac though, so please never reference me
I need Promethazine, couple pills for the stress relief
Best believe I'mma be so direct you can check the brief
I don't shed tears I shed blood
For the street kids who broke and who don't get love
So f*** bopping a bottle or f***ing a model
I'd rather be the bridge kids need to crush all their rivals
Overcome obstacles, yes my latest chronicles
Get the light of God behind you, there ain't no stopping you
Lord forgive 'em, they missing a chapter
This' a classic, the future bright the vision is darker
A little cryptic, I'm smarter, gassing up that I started
Screw loose behind the microphone I'm really retarded
So mention great before you mention me
Pin point your best and see if he can step to me
Lord forgive 'em, yes, lord be with 'em
Trully born to be the realles so of course we winning