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PdotO - Let It Go (freestyle) part 1 Lyrics

Blue light in the booth illuminate the dark
Blue mic, act a fool let me cook it up
Black magic, voodoo through the microphone
Foolish with the composition music through my chromosomes
I came back strong, I came back on
I came back POW! shit what a comeback
A nut crack ass crack on your girlfriend
The I nut, come back, now I want my comeback
Cobain music, propane music
Catch-me-lit, set-fire-to-your-brain music
I never claim I'm king I claim otherwise
Otherwise it's great, I'm great that's my other side
This is greatness, picture paradise living vision
My inscription is the blueprint to your composition
P Dot Blow, Ray Charles blow
I don't trust these hoes 'cause they don't stay true
Walking through the darkness, Christ gives me light still
Lord give me strength 'cause the stage gives me slight chills
God bless the God-blessed, bars I'mma bump
Devil's tryna crush me 'cause my album ain't dropped yet
What is I to do, what is I to prover
What is I look in my eyes I'm the f***ing truth
Oh my, he let the flow go I'm so now
Pose pound for pound I'm cold I'm a grown guy
But don't stop, 'cause I drop you quick with a clothes line
Wash your ass us and f***ing hang you by the clothes line
Enough foolery I'm stupid with this artistry
I'm usually composed but f*** it now I'mma choose the beats, POW!