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Quickfass Cass - Soudy Soudy 2 ft Emtee x Pro Lyrics

verse 1 [Quickfass Cass]
Okay, shay' ivluit
All my niggas hungry, ntwana fak' iplate
Mauskhunya sizok' shaya ngomzimba sonny, body weight
If I see it, I like it, I take it
I ain't tryna wait
Most of y'all are my targets
It's time I annihilate
Five minutes of fame
Fuck being an hour late
Took a taxi to success
Only you and I relate
What they know 'bout taking cabs
What they know about having faith
What they know 'bout saying grace
And trusting God to change your place
I remember I was starving, fiending for a taste
Victory is sweet, but it ain't no seedless grapes
I let them count a hundred stacks
Beng'fika ng'shay' igreis
Oh I can do without some facts, nigga no mistakes
I know about unicorns named Shana
Her titty game strong, she make 'em bounce like Impala
Let's take her to the hood, I'll holler
A.K 47 from Taheem's, I'll dala, gwala
Living in a free world but nothing for mahala
You gotta pay a fee to see that devil in Prada
And if you sleeping you don't eat, walala wasala
I'm dripping with the heat
Ho sauce like Masala
Close my eyes and P.R.O reincarnated
Died and came back because the game needs saving
I feel him in my spirit
Make me leave the mic blazing
And we them niggas from the south
That leave your house blazing

I'm from the Soudy Soudy
Where my people get rowdy rowdy
Dlala mambosh
I'm from the Soudy Soudy
Where my people get rowdy rowdy
I'm from the Soudy Soudy
Where my people get rowdy rowdy
The party don't stop
Until I see the cops around me
Damn right I'mma say it proudly
So say it proudly

verse 2 [Emtee]
Yeah I'm from the Soudy Soudy
And no limit and we 'bout it 'bout it
First mistake you made was doubt me
? Is you proud without me
I was making no dough from shows
Nobody put me on for sure
So here I go
I got keys like the piano
With such ease on the beat, I flow
Straight out the city of gold
I'm a business man, yeah with no time
I don't fuck with niggas who rep both sides
Kuzolunga Msodra so don't cry
I couldn't believe it when Pro died
I got too many ups
I ain't worried 'bout them
I got too many spots
Batshele bangasibukeli phansi
Na le trap yam' nayo ngiyitshunel ikasi


verse 3 [Pro]
Bhek, umamami uzal' ipresident
Animenzelanga ngani ibaby shower
Bathi ifoundation iloose, everyday ziyawa
Val' amakhala sekuzonuka sour
Manje sqedil' ukugeza, please throw in the towel
Bathi uPro upheth' ichash connect
And uhlala adlala ngalamagama a fresh to collect
Sipantsula sekhanda, mel' uhlale ufresh correct
Fresh pearl flex nawe ufun uku-stand-a correct
Besingawini, besivimba, sa perfect igame
Dum' unshini ? umzimba, accept ipain
Kusadum' umshini bathi Siyak' Phinda, expensive champagne
Sweety uzothini sekukhinya zingasakhiphi ngefame
Iikleva zizenz' iibari, iibari zizenz' iikleva
Heh kleva bari ngizalwe eBara, ungabi buff, kleva
Einklik sbali bheka, nginamapetrol attendant
Sizodonts' itiger qho masik'gcwalisela