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Touchline - Freemode Lyrics

Ng'funukwazi, will I always be your hero
Even when my tank's on zero
Even when I stream on free mode
Ng'funukwazi, uyi mpintj' ya mampela
Mak' shubile uzong' mela
Mak' shubile uzong' mela

verse 1
The messiah came, changed the entire game
I wanna be so rich that my ex wanna try again
Hi madam, you again
I inherited a fire pen, burned a disc and went to YFM
On the ninety-ninth attempt, 99.2 did the right thing
Forever grateful, DJ Sabby, Zan D
That was such a breakthrough
Do the math, more foes than friends
Those are the stats
Keep em away from my squad
They just wanna cut into my circle like a pie chart
Izinja zami ziyazi, siyivuse ekasi phansi
Hardest thing in the world is when you try to touch-touch
Get a lot of thumbs-up but that's not enough love
That's the way of the game, tough luck
Yilabo gabadiya, asisa kokoti masifika
Top dogs, ngiyak'thipa
Eh ntwana, siya punisha
I'm Nas on Ether, Jay Z on either
Song that he has been on
Why don't you take a breather
You sound over-eager, close but no cigar
Say what I say 'cause it's true, it's not PR, nigga


verse 2
Toxic friendships gots to end quick
They're not effective
Better hope that affection is not infection
Jealousy and hate, they spread quick
Your man don't pick up
He's in your best friend's bedsheet
Um'cave, umbhekisise
The pressure builds when things don't fall into place like Tetris
Uz'funel' i-emoji le penchis
But me, I'm with my team, ngisho abo skeem
The reason I live the dream I pictured at seventeen
Ngene sa ichanga i-scene, when nobody let us in
If ever we're at the back, it must be a limousine
All of these memories, tsek siyabanyanyisa
Huh, mina ngiyazizwa
Jo, zibonakalise
Hayi, noma ungambiza
Heyi, mina akangishisi
Ngifuna uk'phila impilo, sweet nabo mpintj'

chorus x 2