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AB Crazy - Overtime Lyrics

verse 1
Big up yourself, motivate yourself
You are all you've got
You don't need nobody else
Eventually you'll win
For now just take the L
Dude say he got it
But homey we can tell
I hear they're tryna diss me
They say they know my past
They don't know my past
I just sit and laugh
Mama raised me good
Daddy taught me well
They put two and two together
I just did the math
Been out here for a while
They said we'll never last
I will always be around
I never miss a class

They told me Never Slack
You Cannot Afford To Rest
Because the devil working overtime
You can lose everybody but never lose yourself
'Cause the devil working overtime
Work hard, work smart
Never sleep, don't sleep, don't sleep
The devil workin' overtime
The streets ain't safe for you no more
The devil workin' overtime
And your friends don't clap for you no more
The devil workin' overtime

verse 2
Get some knowledge, never stop learning
If they do not support you
They're just not part of your journey
I want it, pray every morning
If it ain't about your life
They're coming for what you earning
These days I get busy and get hunnids
Just like the bees do
They if you want peace be peaceful
But we can take it to the streets if you want to
We can operate and get slapped like my beats do
You should be able to see through the illusion
Always try to find truth in the confusion
See how they get mad when they cannot use you
These little boys tryna blow, they tryna defuse us


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