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Chad Da Don x PDotO - The Man ft Ras Lyrics

I'm the fucking man
I'm the fucking man
We the only reason you exist baby
I'm the fucking man
I'm the fucking man
Embrace the only season to believe it
I'm just tryna spliff for a bit
Hol up, hol up, she tryna suck dick for a bit
Pull up, pull up, gave me some'n new for a lil bit
Pull up, pull up, hol up, hol up

verse 1 [Chad Da Don]
I'm 'bout to levitate to different heights
Now let me demonstrate
Put a markup on my feature price, I gots to elevate
Never have I been a slave
Never have I been afraid
Tamper with the flow
Not going broke, I'm getting heavy cake
Heavyweight, I don't get a day to get away
But anyway, I just keep it moving like an Escalade
Better days startin' approach me like a resume
Renegades, me and P in the cut dropping heavy tape
You with the greats, homey
Fuck with us to prove that you a tape, homey
Get straight, there's no mistakes homey
Thinkin' it's your time but it's late, homey

verse 2 [PDotO]
Do the rope-a-dope, open up a scripture
This forever portrait, something like the Mona Lisa
Oh my Jesus, this is him, the monster on a feature
Pay him double 'cause the magic on the pen is lethal
Lethal weapon, guns and roses on a padded speaker
She confessed that he the greatest on the mic, believe her
The music sweeter, it hit in different regions
Fucking ether, fire for hire
You pay by your subscriptions, wow
You know my presence is a heavy blessing
It took a lot of patience
Study the message and rise to the occasion
Take it back to the forbidden station
Leaning heavy this is not the Matrix, Freddy with the heart of Jason
I'm gassed up, call the filling station
Her ass up, I'm doing renovations
My bread up, we doing celebrations
We moving many nations
Life is bigger than your obsessions
This is greatness, believe that

verse 3 [Chad Da Don]
Fuck a cosign, I know that I got dope lines
My haters see the greatness, acting like they so blind
But I don't pay 'em no mind
They switched on me, both times
The pussy tryna snitch, I guess that is it go time
Catch me jumping out the whip posted with both nines
Never fall asleep, you trippin' bitch, no lie
I ain't never been afraid of nothing, true talk
I remember those days that I was hustling for some food, boy
Now it's a different game
Yu see that times have changed
I like to check the watch shining with the shiny face
She tryna keep me tame, got it wet, peep the rain
I got her trapped inside the sheets
You hear her scream my name

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