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Dee Xclsv - 2000 Hornbill Rd Lyrics

verse 1
Ey check the score
The real niggas up a hunnid points
I'm in your city
But they never play your little joints
Oh we don't show no pity
Part of the stacking committee
Long as the bottles on ice and the bitches is pretty
Second floor, popping Don Julio
Keeping genies on the table
Like it's part of the decor
No more cameras in the room
'Cause you could never be too sure
Dunkin' on the opposition
Like I'm Jordan on the courts (Swish)
VIP in any city
There's nowhere I can't go
Photo shoot fresh
Camera man come get your angles
As long as I got my niggas
I know we can probably handle
Pulling up on black whips
Like that shot was Django
Might've dropped he ball a bit
But I could never lose it
I done been to hell and back
I'm focused on the music
Same girl used to tell me I could never do it
Look through my phone for Kwesta's number
Girl, you're fucking stupid
Girl, you're so stupid
Girl, you probably should've known
That I could never lose it
I already put in work and I don't have to prove it
I could never lose it
Focused on the music

(Girl, you're so stupid)
(Girl, you probably should've known)
(That I could never lose it)
(I already put in work and I don't have to prove it)
(I could never lose it)
(Focused on the music)

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