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Frank Casino - Forever ft Ricky Rick Lyrics

The more the merrier, you know the vibe
If you down for a nigga, then you gotta ride
I got the vision, you know that right
We gon' be straight, we gon' be right
I need a lake for the money I hide
Got good intentions for all of my guys
Some on my will for that day when I die
I look up to them, man it's not a disguise
Don't use my heart, man, I use my mind
When it's time to decide, ok I lie
Some women's hearts will forever be mine
Forevеr be mine, forevеr be mine

Forever, ever, ever, ever (Forever)
Forever, ever, ever, ever (Forever)
Forever, ever, ever, ever (Forever)
Forever (Forever)
Forever (Forever)

verse 1 [Frank Casino]
Andele, andele (Andele)
I need my money with no delays (Nodelays)
I come from Nokia mobile days
I just wanna text I don't wanna FaceTime
Got a few of mine that faced time
They don't waste time or yippie yap
Trap phone where they hit me at
Cognac for the comrades
Shawty fell in love with the progress
Must've missed you in the process
Back when I was still in projects
Back when I was still a project
God bless
I see you baby
I'ma make some time to come and see you maybe
Chances off it is probably 60/80
Pull up on you so you see the latest
Ooh baby, the Coupe brazy
Brazy brazy
Too brazy
280 on the digital
Ignore anything that's subliminal


verse 2 [Riky Rick]
They love me like Pac but I'm good in the lobby
Y'all niggas get robbed, we're runnin' the robbery
These niggas is soft, they callin' the laws
They put us in cuffs but we took them shits off
'Cause, word is we're payin' them off
No money involved
Them niggas my boys
I put em in Gucci, I buy their kids toys
I throw 'em my keys, I tell em enjoy
Drippin' in water, I'm holdin' my breathe
Watchin' these rappers all follow my steps
I met up with the scammers to cover the rent
Now we're runnin' the block, hold it down like cement
To get dough in my city you must get consent
We takin' commission, that's 50 percent
VBS money my Venda connects
We don't talk on the phone and we never send texts
We ain't scared of these niggas they only got threats
Come to your party and leave it a mess
Pray to the Lord everyday we repent
We grew up with no daddy's our morals is bent

Forever, ever, ever, ever (Forever)
Forever, ever, (Eish!) Ever, ever (Forever)
Forever, ever, ever, ever (Forever)
Forever (Forever)
Forever (Forever)

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