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Ldz - My God Lyrics

Through the storms
Through the lights
There is god that I know x3
Through the sky
Through the Sun
There is god that I know

verse 1
He's the one of the kind
No games no lies
He can make you survive
He can give more life
In every streets and every corners
My God uhlalekhona
Just believe naw'uzobona
Take prayer to receive
Just believe to get relieved
Untswempu blind
We all know he never lie
My god is always right
Now let's take ride to god
Through storms and clouds
Bathi no where to run
But God is on your side
Eversince I'm working
For me I know what god is planning
Where ever I'm working
Where ever I'm walking God is watching
Bath'emhlaben aka exist
That is ridiculous
But he can save everyone
Even nee prostituters
Take it slow ufunduklinda
Musukleqa musukspeeda
Ldz the Last King this is what I spit nigg


verse 2
Dear my knees bow down
Dear my eyes look at the sky
Dear heart tell God
How you living your lifestyle
Dear God my name is Heart
I wanna tell you how hard
My life is getting tough
Now I wanna see the lights
Dear God this is L
I don't wanna see the hell
Yes I never see the church
But for real I wanna change
Dear god this is your sun a light from the sky
Dear heat this is the time
To take God as your Tymar
When I look up in the sky
I see God is alive, haleluja amen
Heaven is Home not hell
When I'm ready I will tell
So please don't ring a bell
Bathi I Joni lfele mfazweni but I'm not ready 2 die


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