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The Big Hash - Daddy's Home Freestyle Lyrics

worst nigga t piss off on his best day
Young Biggie turning these niggas to ash trays
Full clip magazine bang with impecable aim
Cover star shit, we could never be on the same page
Half a mill on my second week on a mixtape
Did it independent and self-made isn't mistake
I've been the shit
Been in this business longer than most niggas
Long enough to know niggas show me love but they've been fake
I decie when I hit the road, I don't gotta leave
To stand on what I know now ?I wouldn't keep up
They take amile when you give 'em a single inch
I had to learn the hard way, I could never hand 'em a centimetre
Bitch forget the drama, came for the dollars and Madibas
Never spent a dime on the skid, nigga, fully Adidas
It's for the days I was trapping in the back of the Prius
It's for the days niggas hated us when they coudln't see us
Pus your shades on
I'mma stunt on your ass
Shine on you like I should, drop your location
The RnB threw you off
My bad, nigga, tell my sons to relax
It's alright 'cause daddy's home
Daddy's home
Tell them their daddy's home
Who the fuck they think I is
I came to collect respect
No fucks given
You do what I ask when daddy's home

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