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Tshego - Hennessy ft Gemini Major x Cassper Nyovest Lyrics

When I show up tonight
Make sure you get my order right
It's waiting for a nigga, started coming up
You know what's up, fuck with nothing but...


Hennessy in my cup, Hennessy in my cup
Hennessy in my cup, Hennessy Hennessy
Hennessy in my cup, Hennessy in my cup
Hennessy in my cup, Hennessy Hennessy

verse 1 [Tshego]
Hennessy is my love, only Hennessy in the club
You know I got Hennessy in my cup
And like twenty five girls in the bus
Call me dada, girl I make it lighning
Can you make it thunder
Know you wanna ride it, bumper to bumper
Pull away and wind it on me
If I get this Hennessy on your weave
You know we'll turn it up
Like it's something
You're like an oven girl the way you're burning up
From the oven girl you need to serve this up
Yeah roll it in the blunt and

I'm just a kid from Maf Town
They play my songs in London
I don't like assumptions
In my cup you know it's nothing but...


verse 2 [Gemini Major]
If I need ya then I go halla
Back it down for me baby you got mo faya
Light it up we get more higher
You wanna roll with the boy and you know why
She likes the burning, I like the burning
Go to your radio sttion ya can hear me
Pretty girls in my section come near me
Bad girls in the club come feel me
We got girls in the bus, puffing and pass
Henny no dash, plenty of cash
Now go and tell your friends how a bad man roll
Now tell me where the Hennessy at
Her friends at the back
Gem, Tshego and Cass got a radio smash
Got her ready to smash
You make it do what it do baby
Walking out the bus, in my cup there's nothing but


verse 3 [Cassper Nyovest]
I used to be their pride and their joy
Now I'm the one the industry is keen to avoid
I guess everybody loves you
Until you are loved by everybody
Everybody's platinum selling album, caught an early body
I mean, both my offerings went double platinum
So that means the people ain't fucking
With what y'all selling them
They throw dirt on my name
Although I'm trying to inspire them
(It's crazy how) the beef shit escalated into violence
And I'm not into all of that actin-tough-in-the-burbs shit
Just a hood nigga with mad money and ? slips
Knew I was the greatest way before I had my first hit
My songs need clean edits I'm from the dirt, kid
And now a nigga hella paid
Put some ? in my car now we levitate
Me and my niggas call it Tu Pac's tears
You call it Hennessy, you want some?
I got two cups here
Let's get it



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