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Wordz - 33 Chambers ft Dessy Hinds x Thato Saul Lyrics

verse 1
They want me televised
I see through hella lies
I used to channel these visions before antennas raised
My only enterprise and I made due
'Til I made 'em pay for each play view
You know the game when they roll
Rap money paid my way through school
Then I took some more and dropped a few jewels
I play it low enough to watch a few moves
The get away for a year
I take all he trips to make it where I live

verse 2
I mean how you tryna a target and a place that you live
Never knew that loyalty was shown by what you give
Measuring the family by the numbers that it is
But you only come together on December 25th
Sativa smoke serenade the air when I spit
Like a coin toss, know the people always flip
They say honestly you lose some to get some
That's how it works in this biz so you burn another bridge

verse 3
Corner had me grinding my teeth
Niggas couldn't believe all the beef and crime on my team
Never cried in my teen
I was busy grinding and finding my cream
My gold reef is a piece inside of my brief
When I swing in my city you see a sin of some grief
Fuck are you talking bout
When police show don’t DJ ? the homies, don’t walk it out
Know the game, stuck in a cycle
Told the homey, nigga don’t hold me
Got me psycho I keep it on me, members only
Where must go when corners ice cold
I been through a heavy little cyclone, holding my eye scope
Chasing bags, you see my thighs grow
In my darkest moments I pray I see how my lights glow
I’m taking my chances I know you see how my dice go
The game ain’t got no pressure
Self-proclaimed rulers who do it to little measure
Little OG don’t drop jewels, I’m dropping the treasure
Dropping fools and jotting my rules, I do it for leisure

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