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Priddy Ugly - Everything Godly Lyrics

Everything Godly
That's what I live by
You know it's real
When I got it on the whip tie
Kid's fly, chin high
Learned to inspire
When he five I'll probably give it to my lil guy
Everything Godly
That's what I live by
Ever live life
Live knowing that you will die
It's life, big egos don't make a big guy
And I will never make it
Is a story that I didn't buy

verse 1
The thought if being dirt poor
Fucks with my insides
This Gucci cologne is what I wanna stink like
Dripping like a bright blue pool in the spring sky
Smoking this min high is wack out this pink eye
Inside I know I got you inspired
What kinda shots you rappers shooting
When they didn't die
Your favourite rapper got no drip
He made my skin cry
Triple crown, thin line
Better swim fine
Minded my business when your got said I got a big mind
I got so much heat
If I was a pot I would'a been fine
Ate off the raps way before I had to get gone
And what's a fucking human to the big fire
Dirt poor to stinking rich
All this drip
Rappers around me sinking ships
When we was swimming with the sharks you didn't dip
Dog I'm the bull that made it out the piss muhfucker


verse 2
Everything Godly
Fly since a baby like a Pelican dropped me
Never let anything stop me
I gotta aid my parents 'cause their medicine costly
Style not many can copy
Scoring fat cheques like Benny McCarthy
Your favourite rapper checking
Saying anything cocky
Claiming you're the best thing
You better say it softly
Heaven is a place in our mind
Every human in the race has to pace at a time
You can bend the rules of every shape got online
Bend over backwards without breaking your spine
You now messing with the heat
Or the weight in my iron
Having no vision ain't no state for the blind
Always gotta fight for the stake of your pie
And everything Godly, you're impatient in time