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Tiga Maine - Barz On Fleek (Freestyle) Lyrics

Tiga Maine - Barz On Fleek Freestyle

I would like to spit bars,
And leave em niggas catching feelin's.

This is not about funny shit,
Is about business.

I fight for my spot,
To see the game ithuthuka.

Njenge rocket bomrepha,
Nibhasobhe mangikhuphuka.

My crib is invaded in the middle of the night,
What you do on the left must be done on your right. Ah

Help a nigga out,
And let a nigga shine.

Don't mess around about me,
It's not gonna be fine.

I got bars,
Who got the flow?

Like Rybak,
Feed me more.

I'm chasing dough.

Watch em,
Creep up on you slow.

I'm the nigga from the east,
Relocated to the west.

Feeling like now I'm a beast,
Gotta get this out of my chest.

My future bright,
Ray bands on me.

They tryna knock me down,
To get the best of me.

Back in the days,
I used 2 struggle with no reason.

Now I made it on my own,
Gods plan.......it's my season.

I just hate the fact,
That they fucking hate me.

I'll be on top,
Ain't nobody will replace me.

I see snakes on the net,
Tryna get my attention.

Killin' every rapper in the game,
Isn't my intention.

I'm just coolin' with my bros,
I'm reminiscin'.

I ain't ready to die broke,
I'm paper chasin'.

Got no care for these niggas,
I wonder why they fakin'.

Sellin' bars everyday,
Money is what I'm makin'.